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Legal Counsel for Immigrants Arrested for a Crime

In criminal cases involving immigrants, the accused may be eligible for a bond. Depending on the charges against you and the specifics of your crime, you may be required to post bond or you could be held in detention indefinitely. If you are eligible for a bond, the bond can either be paid in full or you can use a bail bondsman who will typically required you to post 15% to 20% of total amount specified, backed by collateral and/or a credit card.

Typically a bond determination is made by an Immigration Judge, although USICE can also make bond determinations. In bond proceedings before an Immigration Judge, you will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate why you should be released on your own recognizance or upon the posting of a low bond. To achieve this, your bond package should be very thoroughly prepared. At Rogers & Rogers, PC, our attorneys have extensive experience in bond proceedings and work closely with immigrants in matters related to bond hearings and appeals. After securing a bond for you, we can refer you to a bondsman to help you pay your bond.

For more information regarding bonds in criminal cases involving immigrants, contact our immigration lawyers at Rogers & Rogers, PC, PC, in Pennsylvania today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

Before You Plead Guilty - Consult an Immigration Lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys are not always aware of how a criminal conviction - even for a seemingly minor offense - can impact an immigrant's status. Too often, an immigrant defendant is told to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid a trial, going to jail, or a criminal conviction. In some cases, this may result in probation or a fine but no jail time and no need to post bail. However, some dispositions that are not convictions in the criminal court system are still considered criminal convictions for the purposes of immigration law.

As a result, an immigrant may unknowingly end up with a disposition that makes him deportable from the Untied States. At Rogers & Rogers, PC, our immigration lawyers explain how a conviction on a criminal charge will impact an immigrant's status. Since immigrants arrested on criminal charges can be held indefinitely, understanding how current immigration law impacts mandatory detention, deportation, and removal is important before a guilty plea is entered.

The Circumstances Surrounding Your Arrest

It's not uncommon for newly arrived immigrants to live with family members. Unfortunately, when police conduct raids or searches and find drugs, weapons, or other contraband, they may arrest everyone in an apartment or home. Prosecutors may charge homeowners or those on a lease in criminal proceedings against one or two family members. Here, a bond may be denied due to claims of the person is a flight risk or suspected of being part of a larger criminal enterprise. Our attorneys review the actions of officers and investigators in order to expose violations of proper procedure and a lack of evidence connecting you to the crimes of a relative. As a result, you may be able to avoid mandatory detention or the need for a bond altogether.

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