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Foreign nationals with funds to invest in a commercial enterprise should consider the E-2 visa (Treaty Investor visa). Foreign nationals from certain countries may enter the United States for the purpose of investing in a commercial enterprise, provided that they actively develop, direct and oversee the enterprise. We can also obtain visas for employees of E-2 visa enterprises.

The law firm of Rogers & Rogers, PC has helped numerous investors obtain investment visas. As an experienced immigration law firm, we understand the many rules and regulations affecting such visas and how U.S. immigration officials apply them. We will work diligently to achieve your visa goals.

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Our attorneys can explain the investment visa approval process, evaluate your situation, and assist you in obtaining an E-2 visa. We also assist clients in obtaining E-1 (Treaty Trader) visas that enable the holder to operate an import-export business in the U.S.

Complying With Investment Visa Requirements

There are numerous requirements that must be satisfied in order to obtain and keep an E-2 visa:

  • The investor must be from a treaty nation
  • The investment amount must be substantial and bear a reasonable relationship to the typical investment for the nature of the commercial enterprise
  • The funds invested or actively in the process of being invested must belong to the investor
  • The investment must be irrevocable
  • You must show how the money was obtained and that it was legally obtained
  • You must demonstrate your plans to grow the business and achieve profitability to demonstrate that the business will not be a marginal business. For new enterprises, this is often done through a business plan

Considering the Advantages of the E-2 Visa

There are certain advantages associated with the E-2 visa. For example, under the E-2 visa, businesses can bring foreign personnel into the United States, regardless of whether the employee worked previously for the company. And, unlike the H1-B visa, quotas are not attached to the E-2 visa. It can also be renewed indefinitely as long as the commercial enterprise continues to operate and remains viable.

Establishing Trade - The E-1 Visa

Under the terms of the E-1 visa, non-citizen immigrants can enter into trade relations with the United States provided the majority of their import-export activity is with the United States. This does not mean that E-1 visa holders cannot trade with other countries - they certainly can. However, in order to qualify for and retain an E-1 visa, applicants must conduct a majority of their trade with the United States. Additionally, their trading activity must be a "substantial amount" and must be ongoing. Occasional or a one-time trade will not qualify an applicant for the E-1 visa.

Both the E-1 and E-2 visas permit admission to the United States for periods of two years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the commercial enterprise continues and remains a viable commercial concern. Family members are also eligible for E-1 and E-2 visas. Spouses are eligible for employment authorization.

Rogers & Rogers, PC can provide complete E visa services including assistance in business and commercial law services. We can prepare your application, review all documentation, and work with U.S. consular officials in your home country to secure the required approvals. When the investment visa comes up for renewal, our lawyers can prepare the renewal application and required documentation.

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