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As most corporations seeking foreign workers know, the H-1B visa category is subject to a strict quota. The window for applying for such visas is relatively small, and the quota fills very quickly. The help of an experienced immigration law firm is essential if you are to obtain the foreign expertise your company needs.

Rogers & Rogers, PC is an experienced immigration law firm that assists United States corporations in all types of work visa matters. Call us at (412) 434-7500 to arrange for a consultation. An attorney can discuss your work visa needs and how we could help you obtain the talent you need to compete in the marketplace.

Obtaining the Talent Your Company Needs

The H-1B visa category is the primary mechanism used by companies to meet their needs for professional workers which often includes IT workers, engineers, and health care professionals among others. At Rogers & Rogers, PC, we have extensive experience and expertise in H-1B visa matters and have enjoyed excellent success in processing H-1B cases. We have the capability to resolve the most complex H-1B cases and can assist you with transferring from one employer to another. We also regularly work with United States consulates abroad to facilitate consular processing.

Our Firm's Advantage

At Rogers & Rogers, PC, any company can feel comfortable knowing that our firm is doing everything necessary to achieve a successful visa application. We are also creative in our approach to immigration law. If the H-1B quota is filled, we may be able obtain a work visa for your employee in another non-immigrant visa category.

Our numerous corporate clients appreciate our:

  • Ability to get results
  • Integrity throughout the process
  • Accessibility & Responsiveness
  • Creativity
  • Reasonable fees

For a consultation with a work visa lawyer at Rogers & Rogers, PC, call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office at (412) 434-7500, or send us an e-mail.

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