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Business professionals, researchers, and individuals of exceptional ability can enter the United States in order to pursue employment-related opportunities on any number of employment based, non-immigrant visas. In some cases, there may be quotas attached to a visa, making it all the more important to work with an immigration lawyer who can ensure your visa application is complete, accurate, and on time.

At Rogers & Rogers, PC, we work closely with businesses and individuals in applying for employment based, non-immigrant visas. As a law firm dedicated exclusively to immigration law, we have the experience and resources needed to work with overseas clients as well as those who are already in the country.

Whether you're sponsoring a person of extraordinary ability or a business professional interested in working in the United States, contact immigration attorneys at the law office of Rogers & Rogers, PC today. We can review your case and begin the process of preparing your visa application.

A Brief Overview of Employment Based, Non-Immigrant Visas

Our immigration attorneys work closely with clients in regard to the following kinds of visas:

E1 Visa

  • Foreign nationals interested in conducting a substantial amount of trade with the US can enter the country under the E1 visa. At least half of the trade conducted must be with the E1 holder's home country.

E2 Visa

  • A foreign national who invests or is actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of his or her personal funds in a business operating - or close to operating - in the US can enter the country under the E2 visa. There is no minimum amount of investment. However, USCIS or State Department will look to see if the amount of the investment bears a reasonable relationship to the nature of the business enterprise. For smaller investments, USCIS or the State Department will expect a larger percentage of the total investment to be invested up front.

H-1B Visa

  • Professionals with special skills and knowledge can enter the US under the terms of the H-1B visa. Their work must require the application of their special knowledge or skills and they must possess the foreign equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree.

L-1 Visa

  • Foreign companies with branch offices in the US can bring foreign employees state-side in order to work on and complete special projects under the L-1 visa. The L-1 is typically used to bring executives and managers and those with specialized knowledge to the US.

TN Visa

  • The TN visa is reserved for Mexican and Canadian professionals interested in working for US employer. Those applying for the TN visa must provide documentation of any professional degrees, licenses, or work experience as the TN visa is intended for professionals.

O-1 Visa

  • The O-1 visa can be used by entertainers, artists, athletes, academics, researchers, scientists, and business professionals to enter the United States. The applicant must be considered of "extraordinary ability."

P-Class Visas

Entertainers, artists, and athletes who need to enter the country on a short-term basis in order to participate in competitions, special events, or performances can do so under a P-class visa. Individuals or teams can apply for a P-class visa. In cases where someone wants to bring family members along, the P4 allows holders of the P1, P2, or P3 to bring spouses and children along for however long the original visa holder is in the country.

Meeting Deadlines, Considering other Visa Options

Our office maintains real-time electronic connections to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and can quickly determine if a visa is oversubscribed or nearing oversubscription. If a visa is oversubscribed, our attorneys can explore other kinds of visas under which you can enter the US. Since requirements are now strictly enforced, it's important to meet deadlines and provide accurate, complete information with your visa application.

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