Our vision is to go above and beyond what is expected to improve the lives of our clients by meeting their specific needs.  We work to empower our clients to live where they can make their greatest contribution to their families, their communities and to the world.  For many, this means establishing a life in the United States.  By enabling someone to live where they can become the best version of themselves, we play a part in making a positive impact on the world, one life at a time.


At Rogers & Rogers, PC, our mission is to become the law firm of first choice for immigrants because we are exceptional in the law, achieve excellent outcomes, are completely transparent with our clients, serve our clients with empathy and are consistently attentive and responsive to their needs. Through our representation, our goal is to deliver hope, confidence, peace of mind and, of course, excellent outcomes.


  • We Are Honest

    We earn our clients respect and forge a strong bond of trust through open and honest communication.  We are completely transparent which gives our clients confidence and helps us build strong and effective relationships.

  • We Are Creative

    We have a reputation for taking on tough cases that other lawyers don't want to handle.  In doing so, we ‘think outside the box' to provide innovative solutions using inventive strategies to help us achieve excellent results for our clients.

  • We Know The Law

    We have exceptional knowledge of the law, but the law is always changing.  Remaining on top of new developments in the law is a priority at Rogers & Rogers, PC.

  • We are Attentive and Responsive

    Responding to our clients promptly is one way we demonstrate the importance of their legal issues and that our concern for them and their situation is authentic.

  • We Keep Our Commitments

    Keeping our word is important.  While we are not perfect, when we make a commitment to our clients, we will go above and beyond to make sure we keep those commitments.

  • We Love What We Do

    Practicing law is a privilege that we do not take for granted.  There are few things we enjoy more than seeing our clients' cases succeed, their problems solved, and their dreams fulfilled.

  • We Speak Life

    We see our role in our clients' lives as not only to shepherd them through the legal process through exceptional work, but to find ways to elevate their lives through kindness, compassion, and encouragement.

  • We Have Fun

    What we do is serious business and, while we work hard to resolve weighty and important issues, we also try not to take ourselves too seriously. There is a lot of laughter at Rogers& Rogers and that helps us keep things in perspective.